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You are the people who make Girl Geek Dinners possible! Your drive, ambition and ability to not follow stereotypes.  We want to show more young women that it is OK to be in this industry and we need your help to do it!

Tell your story

Do you have an inspirational story about technology that you would like to get out there?  Why not submit your story and share your knowledge & experience.

Tell your story!

Inspire Women into Technology

How can you make a difference in the IT sector?  The lack of women and girls entering the IT sector or showing an interest in ICT, Computing or even Maths is a broad indicator of a wider problem.  That is the perception of IT in general as a boring, dull subject only suitable for people holed up in cubicles not allowed to communicate with one another.

Fortunately the IT sector really isn’t really like that and the choice of roles is vast.  The perception in the media is such that you would think IT was a job and not a profession!  We need to change that! We need to show the vast array of roles in the IT sector and show what amazing things happen as a result of the work of those professionals working in it.

Quite simply the IT industry is awesome! An entire economy is built upon technology created in the last 40 years!  We need to get this across to young people and especially young girls who don’t see many amazing tech role models in the media.  This is where you come in! As a parent, as a teacher, as an IT professional!  It is everyone’s role to show what this industry is really all about.  Let’s stop messing about arguing over whether there is an issue and start making a difference! If we don’t then economies built upon technology will falter with a lack of skilled professionals.

We have been collecting a series of videos of inspirational women (and men) in the IT sector finding out what got them into the tech industry and what their favourite toy was as a child.  Currently we have enough footage for an initial series of video’s to be launched but would like a launch sponsor that we could associate with these awesome video’s.  If you would like to be involved in this initiative as an inspirational woman, sponsor or would like to edit or film some of these in different locations then get in touch!

Support Technology Charities

Girl Geek Dinners is a community group and we have gone back and forth on whether to register a charity of our own.  For now though we are raising funds through our donate button for charities that provide technology and technological assistance to those who would otherwise not get it.  For example London Girl Geek Dinners are putting all donation to the charity IT for Communities. If you would like to put a donation forward just use the donate button on the site.